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To The United States Constitution

The right of the People to be secure in their own bodies being an essential element of privacy, Congress shall make no law abridging any person's right to alter the workings of, remove pieces of or ingest substances into his or her own body. Nothing in this Amendment shall hinder lawmakers' control over behavior of an individual as it affects society or another individual.

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For information about the current status of the extent and limitation of privacy as it applies to the Internet, see Internet Privacy Law by Timothy J. Walton.


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Timothy J. Walton is an attorney who has been exploring the law relevant to the Internet for more than three years. For the past two years he has maintained a Webpage devoted to Internet Privacy Law, which was featured in Internet World Magazine's "Best of 1996" issue. Cypherpunks, one of the best sources for information about computer privacy, links to the Privacy page. It was also the first Webpage added to Michael Babcock's Privacy Ring.


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